Monday, May 14, 2012

"Dirt Road Anthem makes my speakers go BOOM BOOM!"

Wow..that's all I can say. This was my second time seeing Jason and my 11th time seeing Luke. (Some say "stalker" I say "dedicated"!) 

I went with my favorite cousin in the whole world, Katie. I love this girl like my sister. We practically grew up together. I spent every summer at my aunt's house (Kate's mom) so pretty much every summer memory I have growing up this girl is a part of. Now we go out to dinner every few months for our "cousin date". 

We went to the Luke and Tim McGraw concert last summer together and had a BLAST! When I saw that Luke and Jason were coming to Fort Wayne-one text message was sent and the tickets were bought twenty minutes later. :)

Last weekend, we made our shirts for the concert. I used my tried and true method of puffy paint. Katie used iron on letters...well...she didn't get to wear her shirt. The letters fell off in the car. hahaha

Fort Wayne is about 2.5 hours away from us so we left around 2:00. We got about half there and we were STARVING...which is really no shock. If you know me, I'm always hungry. Well....large appetites run in our family just like our big butts. :)

We decided to stop at Steak n Shake in Anderson for linner. ;) As we were pulling in I mentioned to my cousin how Amber and Gary on Teen Mom ate here on their episode of 16 and Pregnant. 

We walked in and guess who was in Steak n Shake?! Gary and Leah-along with Gary's family and who we presume is his girlfriend now. Leah was absolutely adorable and a complete doll. We never really heard a peep from her. Gary seemed nice. We stood behind him in line and I think he knew that we knew who he was. hahahaha We were pretty excited! We knew the night was going to be awesome after that! :)

We made it to Fort Wayne around 5:30 and the doors were supposed to open at 6:30. We wasted some time taking pictures and making friends with the girls in line in front of us. :)

When the doors FINALLY opened we ran in and I bought my new Luke shirt! (Picture to come later!)

Cousin pic before going in (Do you like the guy slamming back his beer in the back ground...FROM THE DRIVER'S SEAT?!)

Love this picture!

And this one just makes me smile. We don't remember what we're laughing about but apparently I thought Katie was hella funny. hahaha I believe this is photographic evidence of what Jon calls my "cackle laugh". 

The concert wow. Enjoy a few more pictures!

Oh Luke, I heart you!!

I remember going to see him with Jon at 8 Seconds Saloon downtown and there being maybe 100 people there. Now he's helping Jason sell out concerts left and right. And Tailgates and Tanlines went PLATINUM you guys! I'm so proud of him. SO SO PROUD.

Oh hey, Jason!!

Wanna hear a crowd get loud in Indiana? 

Have Jason sing the following lyric...

"Have you ever been through Indiana?"

I swear. People were going CRA-ZEE when he sang that part. I have it recorded on my phone. It was just insane!


Michelle said...

Oh hey Jason is right! HAHA! LOVE THIS! Can't wait to see more pictures.

I can't wait to see him this weekend.! I have tickets for shows every month from now to October! HAHA

Kari said...

I'm so so so jealous of you!! You should have came to this concert with us...we're a damn good time! Jason and Luke are coming back to Indy this summer...just throwing that idea out there ;)

sophistifunk said...

i'm seeing him for the first time this year, i can't wait!

♥ Shar said...

Wow, you're SO SO lucky! I LOVE Jason!!!