Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cort's Wedding

Gotta love Indiana weather!! I'm sitting here typing this with fans going, the windows open, and enjoying the 80* weather...last weekend was 40* and pouring rain so cold it may as well have been ice! hahahaha Especially when you're in a strapless short dress! 

Nonetheless the wedding was a blast!! 

Enjoy some pictures!!

Some of the girls on the way to the reception hall

The Bride and Groom dancing their first dance to Brad Paisley's "Then"

my handsome date

The beautiful bride and me

Random but can I just tell you that I'm watching Guiliana and Bill and I'm so so SO happy they are expecting!!! I love days off where I can relax, grocery shop (spent $53 saved $35..woop woop!), take naps, catch up on my DVR (Army Wives, anyone?), and eventually clean the house!

Hope every one has a great weekend!! Jon's at a bachelor party this weekend in Chicago and I'm gonna be busy here working on getting stuff ready for the next few weeks (including another Vlog!).

PS. This new Blogger pisses me off. There-I said it.

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Maria said...

Aww, you are beautiful...LOVE your hair and pretty! It looks like a wonderful day.
Hahaha, yes, the new blogger is a piece of has taken some getting used to.
I'm so happy for Guiliana and Bill too...I cried tears of joy!
Wishing you a sweet weekend, Kari!