Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boston Recap

Is it just me or has this week flown by?!! 

I've been meaning to do a Boston recap post this entire week but alas, here it is Thursday night and I'm doing this when I should be cleaning the house. But efffff that noise..the freaking NFL draft is on!! (Who got Luck? We got Luck!)


I flew into Boston around 11:30 Saturday morning and met Krissy at the airport.

We stopped by her house to pick up Matt and Mags and went to meet Greg, Maria, and Ella. We went for manicures (AMAZING!) and met up with the boys and the babies at the park. 

Maria took this picture of me and Ella playing that is just adorable! 

We all went out to dinner at Friday's and headed back home!

Sunday, Krissy and Matt were sweet enough to take me to tour Fenway (though they've probably been a million times!!)! It was AMAZING!! OMG I loved it! I wish Jon could have been there-he would have been in seventh Heaven. 

 me and Krissy during the tour

After Fenway we went to tour the USS Constitution which was very very interesting! Once again-Jon would LOVE it!! I think (...know) I talked him into coming with me in October! 

We had Sunday dinner at Krissy's parents house and OMG....OMG. I can't eat lasagna here again and think it's as good as what I had Sunday. :) 

The rest of the night was pretty chill...we went bowling, had dinner, played Wii, and just hung out. It was so much fun!

I was so bummed to have to leave so soon! But I had a blast!! 

Love my nestie besties! :)

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Maria said...

Aww Kari! It sounds and looks like a wonderful time with your friends! Glad you had a blast. The photo of you and Ella is precious!! I agree...time is flying. How it is May, I do not know!
THANK YOU so much for all your kind and sweet words and all your support throughout our journey!
I've been praying for you!!
Have a nice night