Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bachelorette Party Recap-Night on the Town

This part was planned literally on Monday before the party. We were originally going to just have the spa day and maybe grab dinner but one of the other bridesmaids and I decided to just go all out for her!

We met to start rounding up the girls and head to downtown around 5:30.

Our reservations were at 7:30 at Rock Bottom. The food was AMAZING! The drinks were AMAZING! After dinner we started our own little bar crawl.

We went to Cadillac Ranch, Tiki Bobs, and some weird ass bar I never knew was there in all my four years of living downtown. hahaha

Several shots, many girly drinks, and one bachelorette sleeping on the top of a parked car later, we made it home safe and sound at around 3:30 Sunday morning!

What a great night!!

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