Monday, April 2, 2012

April, be nice.

What a crazy past four days!!

I'll start at the beginning. Bear with me...

My mom was out of town Thursday night to keep an eye on my nephews while my sister & brother-in-law were taking my niece to register for college classes (OMG.).

My dad called Friday morning around 7 and asked me to take their pup out for him because he was really tired. Sure, no problem. I go there and take Charlie out and my dad looked fine. Tired, at the worst.

At 3:00 I get a call at work from my dad asking if I could take Charlie out again when I got off work. I asked him what was going on and he said he wasn't sure but when Mom got home he wanted to go to the hospital. I offered to take him but he wanted my mom to take him. I called my mom and asked her if she could come home and take him while I watched my nephews. She argued with me for two hours finally agreed to take him.

My mom & nephews get home the same time Jon gets home. I asked Jon to go over with my mom in case she needed help getting my dad to the car. Good thing I did because my dad was borderline passing out and Jon had to practically carry him down the stairs and to the car.

Cut to 10:00 Friday night, the ER doctor ordered FOUR units of blood for Dad and started him on an IV...then sent him to acute care. No reason that was explained to us or anything...just shipped him off and washed his hands of it, basically. I had mentioned to the doctor that I was concerned about my dad's breathing because he sounded very wheezy and his breathing appeared to be rather laboring for him.

Saturday comes and the day was pretty uneventful. Dad started drinking water and eating ice chips. The doctor had determined it was bleeding ulcers in his upper GI. Okay-good, now we have answers. The doctor decided to run a scope Sunday morning to determine the severity of the ulcers. Awesome. I mentioned the breathing again-I was assured nothing was wrong.

Sunday the scope occurs and they start my dad on a liquid diet. Gravy, baby. Dad eats lunch-no problem. Then 30 minutes after he eats dinner, he gets sick. Come to find out, they let him have V8. Ya'll. V8. You gave V8 to someone who is having bleeding ulcers? Are you out of your mind?

I chose to not say anything at that point and let it go.

9:30 last night my cell phone rings. It's the hospital...asking to talk to my mom. I explained she had called me but I would like to know what the call was referring to and since my dad signed off for me to be given information-legally, she needed to tell me. She told me she was just calling to tell my mom that they were changing up my dad's medicines. Really? You're going to call for that at 9:30 at night. Whatever, lady.

Sure enough. My mom calls 10 minutes later upset because they told her my dad had pulmonary edema (a/k/a fluid on the lungs). They couldn't tell her the severity of it-but my dad wanted her to be with him because he was "having a hard time breathing". Mom calls us and has all of us go to the hospital.

Here I am-freaking out wondering what the hell I'm going to do.

He wasn't having trouble breathing-his oxygen levels and vitals were fine.

Thanks for the heart attack, guys. 'Preciate it.

I had a little conversation with the nurse regarding the care my dad was getting and how unhappy I was about it. I brought up the V8 issue and she told me it was my dad's fault because he should have known he couldn't have acidic foods. I went off. O-F-F.

Anyways, they gave him medicine to help the fluid on his lungs. Today he was doing a lot better. He's off oxygen as of right now and they've unhooked the IV. He was started on a soft food diet tonight and seems to be doing much better. He actually has color to him and his voice is louder than a whisper. FINALLY.

I talked Mom into calling another doctor to start dealing with Dad now. (I'm not even getting into my doctor experience there. Let's just say, it's about as good as the nurse.) Hopefully, the new doctor will be there tomorrow.

As long as this post is...I cut out A LOT. This has been a very long, tiring, stressful, and hectic weekend.

Hopefully my dad gets discharged tomorrow and everything will start going back to normal!

On another note, I'd like to say that I appreciate nurses. I think it's got to be one of the hardest (yet rewarding) jobs out there. I, in no way, think that every nurse acts the same way as the ones we've had to deal with regarding this, whatsoever. It just goes to show that good nurses seem to be very hard to come by.

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Maria said...

oh kari, i am so so sorry for everything you had to endure. it's so scary to see the ones you love in pain. i'm so happy he is feeling better each day...he's lucky to have a daughter like you, and good for you for standing up to the nurses.
i agree with you...w/everything i saw when my nani passed, i couldn't imagine being a rn with all they have to see and do. i really give it to them.

you will remain in my prayers! i hope things slow down for you. cling to that wonderful hubby of yours <3
much love!