Sunday, March 18, 2012

What's for Dinner Sunday/Meal Planning

Hey hey hey!! Happy March Madness, ya'll! (Duke LOST so I'm a happy girl right little 'Heels lovin heart is still pitter pattering.)

Alllright onto business at hand...

Sunday-Lasagna and garlic bread
Monday-Healthy baked chicken nuggets (New Recipe!), Parmesan fries (New Recipe!)
Tuesday-Out for Pacers game
Wednesday-Calzones and bread sticks
Thursday-Hamburger and macaroni casserole (New Recipe!)
Friday-Fish and Wedges

And a little bit of info into our meal planning:

-I did a post last year about how I meal plan/grocery shop here. I really should do another one as our method has changed since last year.
-I would love to work on having different side items but Jon makes it kind of hard. The only "vegetables" he likes are potatoes and corn on the cob. That's it! So our side items are usually bread items, potatoes, or mac and cheese. I love my veggies so I'll buy the single servings of veggies and make some for myself.
-I also need to work more on lunches. I usually have left overs, but if I don't...I never really have anything to make for lunch so I end up going out to lunch...which is bad considering my town has a street I call "fast food road". Not good! I used to make Jon's lunch a lot....then that stopped when he was temporarily working in a different town. But he's back to his old stomping grounds so I'm sure that will start up again.
-I hardly EVER go out to breakfast. Sometimes I'll treat myself to a coffee. (Okay-I lie. It's really the flavored drinks at Speedway! hahaha) I usually eat bagels, cereal, or toast for breakfast.
-I always have snacks at my desk at work. And I try to keep semi-healthy snacks in the house. (Now would be a good time to add that Jon doesn't like fruits either. Welcome to my world!)
-I coupon. Not excessive but I do it...and I watch for sale items. In my town there are 3 grocery stores-two of which I frequent. Wal-Mart and Marsh. I usually don't go to Aldi's. No real reason actually. I just never think about it. I'm one of THOSE price matching people too. But guys...if you tell Wal-Mart that Aldi's has milk for $1.99..they price match...even though they don't sell that type of milk. Thank you, random lady who taught me that!!
-You'll notice on my post that some weeks we have repeat don't really. Usually life gets crazy/we change our minds and switch it up at the last minute.
-I'm always looking at new recipes. Thanks to Pinterest! (Shameless plug to follow me!)

So there you have my tidbits about meal planning. It takes a while for me to do it. At least 30 minutes to an hour by the time I make out the meal plan and write out a grocery list, go through the coupons and organize them.

Any questions/comments...let's hear it! I love all the comments I've been getting lately!!

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Maria said...

you are so organized. i admire your routine so much! ahhh, the past few weeks we have been really bad with ordering/going out. it needs to calm down. i love being at home and eating at home. i need to get my butt in gear and start taking some tips from you :)
i hear pinterest is the awesomest site. i'm scared to join bc it will be another obsession! lol

i hope you and jon are having a wonderful week! <3
lots of love to you