Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's for Dinner Sunday

Sorry for my lack of posts this week/weekend. We had one of my favorite people in the world stay with us this weekend and today is Cort's bridal shower. I promise I'll post updates next week. I'd also like to say hi and welcome to my new followers!! Thank you so much!

Sunday-Hamburger Helper
Monday- Pepperoni Crescents, bread sticks
Tuesday- Stuffed burgers, fries
Wednesday- Fish & potato wedges
Thursday- Chicken roll ups, mashed potatoes

I'm looking forward to this week's's pretty easy yet tasty! Perfect!


Megan said...

Pepperoni crescents?! YUM!! That sounds so good!!

Kari said...

Oh they're amazing! So unhealthy but oh so good. I found it on Pinterest (surprise, surprise). Here's the recipe link:

So so good!