Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's the time again...Spring Cleaning

Can you believe it's March, already??

Warmer weather is just around the corner!

Here is my list:

Living Room:
Clean base boards.
Clean blinds.
Pulling out all furniture and vacuuming.
Clean fan.
Clean windows.
Clean the sofa and recliner.
Clean all frames/pictures. Switch out pictures.

Clean base boards.
Change furnace filter.
Clean frames/pictures. Switch out pictures.
Clean light fixtures.

Clean base boards.
Clean out cabinets, fridge, and freezer.
Wipe down front of cabinets.
Go through utility closet.
Deep clean floor.
Deep clean small appliances.
Clean sink.
Clean fan.
Clean window.
Clean blinds.
Wash curtain.
Clean oven.

Game Room:
Dust all frames/shelves.
Clean base boards.
Clean fan.
Clean window.
Clean blinds.

Buy and put together new book case.
Dust all shelves/pictures.
Clean base boards.
Clean window.
Clean fan.
Go through binders. Update and throw away what's necessary.
Clean blinds.

Clean base boards.
Deep clean washer and dryer.
Clean/possibly buy new fan.
Go through medicine cabinet-discard any expired medicine and restock what's needed.
Go through make up bag, hair products bag, nail bag, and tote.
Go through towels-toss any old towels that need replaced.
Scrub shower.
Re caulk shower.
Deep clean sink.
Deep clean toilet.
Go through linen closet.
Clean shower curtain.
Replace liner.

Spare Bedroom:
Clean base boards.
Clean window.
Clean fan.
Go through drawers-pitch what's not needed anymore.
Go through closet-pitch what's not needed/wanted anymore.
Clean blinds.

Master Bedroom:
Clean base boards.
Clean window.
Clean fan.
Clean blinds.
Go through drawers and closet.
Wash comforter.

Clean outside of windows.
Check for any exterior issues-foundation cracks, gutters leaking, roof problems, etc. (We're not too concerned about most of the exterior because we got new siding, roof, and gutters when we got the tornado back in May. But still-important to check.)
Make any plans for doing flower beds this year-make list & execute.
Finish the inside of the shed.

I'm not going to lie...I'm so excited to get started on this! I love the idea of a freshly scrubbed cleaned house and warmer weather!

Bring it on!!


Megan said...

Oh nooooo, don't make me clean! Haha!! Your list is fabulous!

Maria said...

happy march, kari!!
wow!! this list made me tired. haha!
i admire your awesome're so organized.
your husband is even more lucky :)

hope you're doing well.
happy wednesday!!
maria <3

The Belly Dancer said...

Great list. I will have to read it a million times! Not enough time to clean when you do so much blogging and crafting :) New follower. Have a great weekend.