Thursday, March 22, 2012

And I thought Spygate was crazy.

If your household is anything like mine, you've heard about the Saints bounty program.

If you haven't-Cliff's Notes version--the Saints defensive coordinator paid defensive players for hitting and hurting players from opposing teams. The NFL started investigating this after the NFC Championship game after Favre was hit a gabiggillion times. Yeah...the game that took them to the Super Bowl to beat us. So help me if I find out there were bounties against us...Indy might riot. We're still pissed about it.

Mr. Commiss suspended Payton for a year. Now...I have NO doubt that he knew what was going on. I find it hard to believe he had NO idea what was happening. But he's not the only person who should be suspended. I know they suspended the assistant coach but still...why not suspend the players?? And slap them with heeeeffffty fines.

And I'm a real big fan of the Saints players who are tweeting about how mad they are about the suspension. Shut up. You guys did something that was against the rules and I, for one, am shocked they put the hammer down like they did. Maybe you should have grown a set and tried to stop this or tell someone that could do something about it. But you didn' did nothing so I don't feel sorry for you.

And thank you, Jeremy Shockey for blowing all of this out into the open. Big hugs.

Thank probably stopped players from really getting hurt.

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