Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Recap


-Work until 5
-Out to dinner with Jon
-Celebrate my birthday!!

^^My amazing necklace from Jon! He also bought me One Tree Hill Season 8! (P.S. Who's excited Lucas is coming back this week? THIS GIRL!)


-My incredibly awesome best friend has a "birthday surprise" for me! I'm so excited!
-Clean up the house

*Pictures to come but my bestest surprised me with taking me to a place called "You're Fired!". We painted our own ceramic pieces and we pick them up in a week! I made a decorative plate for the kitchen! Can't wait to see it!

-Sleep in!

-Meal plan and grocery shop (We actually did this Saturday night.)

Look at my laaaazy puppy

He's spooning with his toys

Hope you guys had a GREAT weekend!!!

P.S. Not that I'm counting down or anything-but three months from today we leave on vacation!! Give me the sun and the sand and a drink in my hand...with nooo bottom.

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