Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl in my Super City

I know I brag about Indianapolis but's an AMAZING city! And obviously other people thought we were pretty damn awesome since they decided we could have the SUPER BOWL.

Now I know it's a BIG secret but I love football. No, check that. I'm obsessed. I play fantasy. I research. I watch games. I was giddy when Jon decided we needed to get NFL Red Zone this year.

I yell. I curse. I talk some mad shit. I love the Colts. Love the Cowboys. I hate the Patriots. With the passion of a thousand suns. And that's okay. They were the best team in the AFC and deserve to be in the Super Bowl...though I'll never cheer for them.

Anyways...moving on...

Jon and I talked about going downtown to see the Super Bowl stuff. We went back and forth. Do we want to go? YES! What about traffic? What about the crowds? What if we get up there and can't see anything? What if it's cold? What if we pay the $50 to get into the NFL Experience and it's maxed out (happened Friday, actually)?

We decided, what the hell? Ya know...who knows if this is going to happen again in Indy. So we decided to head up to Indy around noon on Saturday. We had our tickets for the NFL Experience set for 5:00 so we thought we'd have about 4 hours to look around then head over to the Ex.

We managed to find parking for $10. In a garage. 3 blocks from Monument Circle.

I'm pretty sure Jon and I both did this dance in the car:

We bee-bopped out of the car and headed to Monument Circle...which beautiful enough in itself. It was all dolled up with the XLVI letters.

So proud of our city!!

We walked through the Huddle which is really Nordstrom in the Circle Centre Mall. They had it set up for anything you could want with the Super Bowl logo on it. We both got shirts. We decided you know what? It's about 1:30..everyone is eating lunch ( should have SEEN the lines to get into Steak n Shake!). Why not try to go to the NFL Experience?

We WALKED RIGHT IN. Our actual time we were guaranteed in was 5. We walked in at 1:45.

They had game used balls from each Super Bowl, the Lombardi trophy you could see, lockers from each team, etc etc. It was AMAZING!

And I learned a valuable lesson....when your husband looks over and says, "Oh, shit! There's Clay Matthews!!" He's COMPLETELY SERIOUS.

You guys. I saw Clay Matthews!! I got some pictures but he looks like a pin dot we were so far away. He was actually part of one of the interactive experiences and he was "blocking" kids from the end zone. How sweet!!

Photo Op
We had a jerk Pats fan give us some looks for wearing our Colts gear. Clearly he thought he was still in Boston.

After the Ex, we went outside to Super Bowl Village.

In case you missed it on ESPN...

...yep....we had ZIP LINING!!!

At around 3:30 we stopped at the mall to grab some food and beat the crowd. We noticed a line forming and went around it. I happened to look into a store and said,"Um...I think I know why there's a crowd....there's Dallas Clark!" Yep...tight end for the Colts!

We started to head back to the car after that. We were walking across the street and I was laughing about something and BAM.

Walked right into someone and I hear,"Sorry, little mama."

I without thinking said,"Damn, you're built like a brick shit house, aren't ya?" I looked at him...and well...we KNOW I ran into a football player. We're not 100% sure but the guy looked like Larry Fitzgerald.

And I told him he was built like a brick shit house. I'm glad he thought that was funny. I'm a charmer. :)

We went back to Monument Circle to take a few more pictures before heading home:

I'm amazed. Still.

Happy Super Bowl!!!!!!

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