Sunday, February 5, 2012

I...uh....OMG...uh....DID YOU SEE THAT?

I...uh.......HATE the Patriots.

Hate is such a strong word.

Not strong enough though.

They make my blood boil over.

In the game my heart stopped ten times.

Now I'm running on adrenaline. PURE ADRENALINE.

Jerraud Powers for the Colts tweeted today, "Pats win? In my house? NEVER."

He was right.

Not in our house.

Not tonight.

Little brother led him team to a scary scary win.

But ya know what?

They won.

My heart stopped at that last throw by Brady. When I saw the ref signal incomplete, cheers and high fives went all around the room.

I did the Sue Heck dance.

I'm still doing the Sue Heck dance.

I'm so PROUD of Indianapolis. I'm so proud of how much work the city put in for this Super Bowl. And I'm so happy everyone else got to see my amazing city.

(And for the record-yes, I take football seriously. Sorry if you don't get it. And I don't mean to offend any Patriots fans at all. I'm not a liar-I hate you guys cuz you beat us all the damn time. That's all. I have hella respect for your players and even that damn sweat shirt cut off wearing coach. But I still don't like them. Now if I was from Buffalo, I'd really hate Tom Brady. ;) )

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