Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Planning

Wow...WP post again? No...your eyes aren't deceiving you!!

Once again I'm linking up with My Happy House!

Truth is..January is a crazy month in this household. I work every Saturday in January so my weekend plans are usually only just for Saturday evening and Sunday. The holidays took up two of my weekends and last weekend I worked both Saturday AND Sunday.

Enough with the excuses though! Back to the weekend planning:

-Make dinner (chicken mac & cheese, anyone?)
-Grocery Shop
-Do a load of laundry

-Work until 3
-Plan A: Go up to Indy for the evening-get our rings cleaned, meet friends for dinner and drinks
-Plan B: Stay home, do some laundry, and relax all evening

-If we do plan A then: laundry, relaxing, and taking it easy
-If we do plan B then: head off to Newport, KY for the day to kick off our year of dates!! (More on that soon, I promise!)

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