Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In Six Years....

We've had I-Hop at shady places in Downtown Indy

We've posed for some pretty cute pictures

We've laughed until our stomachs hurt...

We've gotten engaged!

We've taken engagement pictures that I'll treasure forever.

We've graduated college

We've been in weddings.

We've gotten each other some KICKASS Christmas gifts! (That would be Jon opening his signed Chipper Jones baseball and me opening my signed Luke Bryan guitar. Same Christmas. I cried. A lot.)

We've became furparents to the BEST dog ever.

We've became home owners!

We've said our vows.

We've sealed it with a kiss.

We've celebrated with our best friends.

We've shared our special first dance together.

We've seen Luke Bryan in concert....6 times together.

We've celebrated Christmas as a couple six times-as a married couple twice.

We've explored Cincinnati.

We've celebrated special moments with our best friends.

We've celebrated the Fourth boating out on the lake, drinking Creamsicles (Sunkist and Vanilla Vodka), using life vests as floating chairs, and staying out at the bars wayyy too late.

We've shared a lot of kisses.

We've gone to Disney World where we watched little kids act like crazies..and watched their parents act worse...where we ate until we thought we were going to explode...where we became kids again and had the time of our lives.

We've started making our own traditions..such as Fright Fest at King's Island every year.

We've seen the Circle of Lights.

We've went to a Colts game.

We've rang in the new year with our friends.

We've explored what Chicago had to offer..deep dish pizza, the best hot chocolate, expensive drinks, and amazing architecture.

We've went to Myrtle Beach...where we took morning beach walks every day...where we ate our faces off..where we had good drinks a'plenty...where we road tripped it for the first time together...where we made memories.

We've walked through Wilmington a/k/a Capeside together where I squealed when I saw the Capeside High School sign...where we saw the Capeside High School..and where Jon found Dawson's house which is one of my best memories ever.

We've went to the Indianapolis Zoo together...where we always take pictures in the dolphin dome.

We've celebrated two years of marital b*l*i*s*s together.

We've been to lots of Reds game together.

We've been to Nashville..where we took one of my favorite pictures of all time...where we saw the Grand Ole Opry...where we had the best pizza EVER. Take that, Chi-town.

We've made our two lives one...we've made our house into a home...we've made a family.

I'm getting teary-eyed writing this.

I'm so proud of all of these pictures. Of these memories.

I've found my fairy tale. My prince charming.

The person who makes me laugh, who makes me want to be a better person.

The person who I can't wait to have babies with. The person who I know will be an amazing dad.

The person who buys me Pretty Little Liars books without thinking twice.

The person who always smiles and laughs at me when a sad part of a movie or show comes on and gives me that smirk cuz he knows the tears are about to come flowing.

The person who makes sure to tell me every day how much he appreciates me. How much he adores me.

I truly, sincerely hope that everyone has this.

I couldn't be happier.

Happy 6th Anniversary, handsome!! I can't wait to spend forever with you!

Your Angelface


Rachael Farris said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope you can add "We've become parents" to that list SOON!! =) =) =)

Hope your day was wonderful!

Sending you sunshine,


Maria said...

happy annivesary!! i loved all of the photos you shared. you certainly have made so many wonderful memories together!
the puppy is adorable!!
and i LOVE that photo of you with your christmas surprise - so sweeet!
wishing you many more happy memories <3