Monday, January 9, 2012

I love good deals!!

A few weeks ago, I happened to get the idea in my head to go to the E.L.F. website. I bought a few things on there before, but wasn't totally happy with some of them, such as their chapstick tubed lip made my lips pasty white..what?! Yeah.

They sell E.L.F. at Target now and I bought several things there that I love, such as the eye make up remover pads...for $1! Uh score! I make sure I stock up on them every time I go to Target. I also picked up a few of their brushes that I needed and fell in love with a new line of lip glosses.

Anyways..I looked at their website the other day and they were selling their 11 piece brush set for $2.12 if you bought $20.12 worth of things.

$30 and some change and about 10 days later a box was on our porch this morning containing the following:

(This is my $30 brush set I got for $2.12!!)
(Color: Nouveau Neutrals)

(Color: Drama. I actually already have this set and I love it! I couldn't find it at Target last time so I went ahead and bought it again online.)

(Color: Ethereal)

(Color: Fairy)

(Color: Nude)


(Color: Coffee)

(Color: Black)

(Color: Ash)

(Color: Champagne)

(Color: Smoky Brown)

Silver Dump
(Color: Burgundy Dump)

Eyelid Primer
(Color: Sheer)

I'm so so so excited to try everything!! In fact, I'm wearing the Champagne nail polish right now and I love it! I only needed to apply two coats and a clear top coat on it and it looks great! :)

I'm in love with my super cute new make up bag...and it helped me scale down my unnecessary amount of make up too since it's significantly smaller than my old bag.

And I can't wait to use my new brushes! Annnnd....I'm super excited about the eyelid primer. Hopefully it works! I already use the E.L.F. Make up mist and set and I think it works great so hopefully I'll have the same luck here!


(Disclaimer: This post is strictly just my opinions on the products I've purchased.)

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