Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Glimpse into our Household: Christmas Organizing

Every year I make a point to hit up the stores for the day after Christmas sales!

This year will be no different. But sometimes it's easy to get carried away with the deals..then you end up with more than what you need and no where to put it. NO GOOD!

Here are a few things I do to organize after the holidays:

*Purge! Prime example: We have more ornaments than we have tree branches! We decided that while we were taking the tree down, we were going to go through our ornament box and pitch/reuse ones that we don't put on the tree.

*Make a list of things you actually need. For us our list will go: tree (!!!), gift wrapping and accessories (I always buy this after Christmas.), cards (same with the gift wrapping), new tree topper, Christmas picture frames, and some more knick knacks.

*Pack it up right! I have 4 Christmas totes. One for the tree, one for "the paper station", one for our ornaments, and one for our knick knack items. I carefully wrap everything that's even semi-breakable in bubble wrap and newspaper. Taking the extra time to do this is so worth it. I would hate to open one of the boxes next year and find my favorite Christmas item is broken. (I had that happen this year at was all wrapped up..but the tornado picked a fight with our shed....the tornado won.)

*Label, label, label! Yes, it's obvious what box has the tree. But it's still labeled. Ornaments? Obvious. Still labeled. It makes things easy considering all of our containers with the exception of our ornaments one is red.

*While you're taking things down, take the time to do a good, deep cleaning before you put up your usual items back. Dust and will make a me!

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