Sunday, January 22, 2012

Charleston, SC

We've never been to Charleston. We considered actually staying there for a few days and then driving to Myrtle Beach. But then we realized it was only about a 2 hour drive and thought, "Let's go ahead and just stay in Myrtle Beach and make a day trip to Charleston!".

I finally got around to doing some research earlier this week of things to do in Charleston. Since we're only there for one day, I wanted to do more of a guided tour. I feel like because of our short time there, we'd really get to see a lot of it without walking around aimlessly.

That's when I came across a Harbor Tour/Carriage Ride package!

Touring Deck / Salon Deck, Carolina Belle

Palmetto Carriage Works

With this combo we get a 30 minute harbor cruise and an hour tour on the carriage. Land and water...perfect!!

I figured we could grab some dinner and then do some sightseeing on our own before we did a ghost walk! That's right...ever since I went to the one in Wilmington in September, I love them! We did one in Nashville and now we'll get to do the Charleston one, too! I'm so excited!!!

Secretly, I kinda hope I run into Darius Rucker while we're there. Hey, it could happen!

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