Sunday, January 29, 2012

What's for Dinner Sunday

Sunday-Hamburgers && fries
Monday- Cheetos Chicken, mashed potatoes, cheesy garlic biscuits
Tuesday- Corn dogs, mac & cheese
Wednesday-Spaghetti, garlic bread
Thursday- Out for Jon's birthday!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekend Planning


-Hanging out with my friend Cort..much needed wingman time!


-Work until 3
-Maybe get a load or two of laundry done


-Finish laundry

Somewhere in there

-Paint my nails
-Go through our mail bin
-Schedule posts for next week

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My husband is the SWEETEST!

The card itself says "I may be just an ordinary guy...but I'm married to one extraordinary woman. Beautiful, amazing you."

Then he writes:


I couldn't have found a better card for how I feel about you. You're so beautiful and amazing it takes my breath away. You do amazing at taking care of me & I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate it. I love you more and more every day!"

How amazing is he?!

We had an amazing anniversary dinner at our local Mexican restaurant, came back and spent much needed time together!

It was perfect!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In Six Years....

We've had I-Hop at shady places in Downtown Indy

We've posed for some pretty cute pictures

We've laughed until our stomachs hurt...

We've gotten engaged!

We've taken engagement pictures that I'll treasure forever.

We've graduated college

We've been in weddings.

We've gotten each other some KICKASS Christmas gifts! (That would be Jon opening his signed Chipper Jones baseball and me opening my signed Luke Bryan guitar. Same Christmas. I cried. A lot.)

We've became furparents to the BEST dog ever.

We've became home owners!

We've said our vows.

We've sealed it with a kiss.

We've celebrated with our best friends.

We've shared our special first dance together.

We've seen Luke Bryan in concert....6 times together.

We've celebrated Christmas as a couple six times-as a married couple twice.

We've explored Cincinnati.

We've celebrated special moments with our best friends.

We've celebrated the Fourth boating out on the lake, drinking Creamsicles (Sunkist and Vanilla Vodka), using life vests as floating chairs, and staying out at the bars wayyy too late.

We've shared a lot of kisses.

We've gone to Disney World where we watched little kids act like crazies..and watched their parents act worse...where we ate until we thought we were going to explode...where we became kids again and had the time of our lives.

We've started making our own traditions..such as Fright Fest at King's Island every year.

We've seen the Circle of Lights.

We've went to a Colts game.

We've rang in the new year with our friends.

We've explored what Chicago had to offer..deep dish pizza, the best hot chocolate, expensive drinks, and amazing architecture.

We've went to Myrtle Beach...where we took morning beach walks every day...where we ate our faces off..where we had good drinks a'plenty...where we road tripped it for the first time together...where we made memories.

We've walked through Wilmington a/k/a Capeside together where I squealed when I saw the Capeside High School sign...where we saw the Capeside High School..and where Jon found Dawson's house which is one of my best memories ever.

We've went to the Indianapolis Zoo together...where we always take pictures in the dolphin dome.

We've celebrated two years of marital b*l*i*s*s together.

We've been to lots of Reds game together.

We've been to Nashville..where we took one of my favorite pictures of all time...where we saw the Grand Ole Opry...where we had the best pizza EVER. Take that, Chi-town.

We've made our two lives one...we've made our house into a home...we've made a family.

I'm getting teary-eyed writing this.

I'm so proud of all of these pictures. Of these memories.

I've found my fairy tale. My prince charming.

The person who makes me laugh, who makes me want to be a better person.

The person who I can't wait to have babies with. The person who I know will be an amazing dad.

The person who buys me Pretty Little Liars books without thinking twice.

The person who always smiles and laughs at me when a sad part of a movie or show comes on and gives me that smirk cuz he knows the tears are about to come flowing.

The person who makes sure to tell me every day how much he appreciates me. How much he adores me.

I truly, sincerely hope that everyone has this.

I couldn't be happier.

Happy 6th Anniversary, handsome!! I can't wait to spend forever with you!

Your Angelface

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Year of Dates-January

Thanks to Pinterest's inspiration-one of Jon's Christmas presents was a Year of Dates. On the first day of each month, he'll open up that month's envelope and we'll pick a day that will work for the date. Some of the months are things to do outside of the house. Some months are things we can do at home.

Here's the set up:
I put the envelopes in a gift box and store them in the office until I bust them out at the beginning of each month. :)

January's date was a day trip to Newport, Kentucky to visit the Newport Aquarium. Then we had lunch at Quaker Steak & Lube in Cincinnati.
Look at that creepy guy!

Photo Op:
Now do you see why I edited that picture? I was trying to hide my purse but instead it looks like some awkward Top Model-esque pose. Or like I have to go to the bathroom. hahahaha I also love the little boy in the picture. Jon and I said he was the Aquarium's free gift to us. hahahaha

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Work until 5
Make dinner

Work until 3
Figure out something for dinner

Run to the store to pick up a few things (We had .1 inches of ICE Friday night..I was lucky to make it to work..THANKS, BABE!!)
Schedule blog posts for the next week
Do a few loads of laundry

Head down to Newport, KY for the afternoon-we're hitting up the aquarium and then grabbing a late lunch at Quaker Steak & Lube!
Finish up laundry (Didn't get done...we were both exhausted from our fun filled date day!)
See who's going to be coming to INDY for the SUPERBOWL!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Charleston, SC

We've never been to Charleston. We considered actually staying there for a few days and then driving to Myrtle Beach. But then we realized it was only about a 2 hour drive and thought, "Let's go ahead and just stay in Myrtle Beach and make a day trip to Charleston!".

I finally got around to doing some research earlier this week of things to do in Charleston. Since we're only there for one day, I wanted to do more of a guided tour. I feel like because of our short time there, we'd really get to see a lot of it without walking around aimlessly.

That's when I came across a Harbor Tour/Carriage Ride package!

Touring Deck / Salon Deck, Carolina Belle

Palmetto Carriage Works

With this combo we get a 30 minute harbor cruise and an hour tour on the carriage. Land and water...perfect!!

I figured we could grab some dinner and then do some sightseeing on our own before we did a ghost walk! That's right...ever since I went to the one in Wilmington in September, I love them! We did one in Nashville and now we'll get to do the Charleston one, too! I'm so excited!!!

Secretly, I kinda hope I run into Darius Rucker while we're there. Hey, it could happen!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Monday-Cheetos Baked Chicken (New Recipe!) and mashed potatoes
Tuesday-Taco Casserole (New Recipe!)
Wednesday-Out to dinner for our anniversary!!! 6 years and counting :)
Thursday-Pigs in a blanket, macaroni and cheese
Friday-Hamburgers, french fries

I actually don't have links to the recipes because I found them in our cookbooks, but I'll be sure to put them on here later this week!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Planning!

First off, yay for me being up to 20 followers!! Just a few weeks ago, I had 3! Hiii and welcome!! :)

This weekend is pretty low-key for us..which is perfect because we have a hectic next...oh you know..FOUR months ahead of us!!

Work until 5
Make dinner

Work until 3
Figure out something for dinner
Run to the store to pick up a few things
Schedule blog posts for the next week
Do a few loads of laundry

Head down to Newport, KY for the afternoon-we're hitting up the aquarium and then grabbing a late lunch at Quaker Steak & Lube!
Finish up laundry
See who's going to be coming to INDY for the SUPERBOWL!!!

Long story short..I'll be spending A LOT of time with these guys:

..which is my idea of a perfect weekend!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bachelorette Party-Favor Bags

Here's what I've picked out for the party favors! I'm so excited for these!

Pinned Image

I love these! Only I want to do black ones with brightly colored puffy paint. So excited for this one!!

I'm gonna put some antibacterial mini hand sanitizers in the coozies and some bead necklaces just for fun. :)

I wanted to do something edible for them too. I found this recipe on Pinterest:

Pinned Image

Kool-Aid Popcorn! Yumm! And the colors are perfect for her, too!

I'm going to put the popcorn in cone shaped bags. Then place the beads and the sanitizer in the coozie.

I'll package them like this:

Add in some hot pink tissue paper and call it cute! ;)

Just a little change...

I changed the title from La Dolce Vita to Our From Now On.

I've seen several La Dolce Vita's. I want to be different!

Our From Now On is a take on a lyric from our first dance song which was "My First Love Song" by Luke Bryan. Look it up and thank me later! ;)

"You're my one, my from now on, you're my first love song."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Get this Show on the Road!!

In T-Minus 4 months and some odd days we're gonna be wonderin if the tide's gonna reach our chairs! ;)

That's right-we're headed back down south, dolls!!!

Thanks to our PLEASURABLE stay in Myrtle Beach last year-we're opting for a new hotel! It looks beautiful!

We're also taking a few day trips-one to Charleston (EEEEEEEE!) and one to Wilmington (OHIGAWH..tell me I don't have the best husband ever?!).

More info to come very very soooon.

First up: Our Charleston Day!!

Crescent Pepperoni Rolls

Recipe Here!

In one word? AMAZING!!!