Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This Week I...

...mailed out our Christmas cards & my ornament for the ornament swap on Monday. (Don't you love Jon's classy Coors Light piggy bank? Thought so!)

am thiiiiiiiiiis close to finish wrapping gifts. We bought a huge present for my mom that I still need to wrap. And I need to finish my dad and Jon's Christmas and wrap those.

...had another successful cookie swap with my DDs! Yes, the Daily's was included in the cookie swap. I have the best friends EVER! :)

(Excuse the blurry picture-these are the cookie dough balls I made for the swap. They are DELICIOUS. I'll post the recipe by this weekend.)


Maria said...

A Coors light piggy bank! That's awesome!
My husband would like a jack daniel's one. ;)
I love how into the Christmas spirit you are!!
I have been craving chocolate chip cookies like crazy!!!
They look so good!
Have a sweet night!

Kari said...

I would always choose Jack over Coors Light! That piggy bank had boxers in it. This year I got my husband a bank that looks like a trash can and has Oscar the Grouch on it. hahahaha

Those cookie balls are so good...they're almost gone though. Oops!

I love Christmas time! Indianapolis is SO pretty around this time of year, too!