Friday, December 23, 2011

How I looked when the Colts won last night


Come on, guys!!! If we're going to suck this year...SUCK. Get us a good draft pick. I swear if we come out of this season with pick #3 Indy is going to riot.

And I still maintain that Reggie Wayne is a little whiny bitch. There. I said it. All he does is whine and cry and wants to make sure the press knows his opinions. Thanks for sharing, but I promise you...we don't care. You wanted Curtis Painter as your quarterback. You got him. He sucked. Let. It. Go. He's not Peyton-not even on Peyton's worse day. Peyton plays better on the bench than Painter did starting. I hope Wayne doesn't play for us next year. There. I said it again. Colts fans would totally shun me for that but I'd rather have a player who is a team player not a one man drama show. If we wanted that, we would have picked up Randy Moss.

For Christmas...I want the Colts to lose the last game of the season. BAD!!

*wishes upon a star*

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