Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Glimpse Into Our Household: Planning Events

With two big events coming up in the next 6 months I thought I would share with you how I keep things organized for these things.

I do this for things that require planning: parties and vacations especially. For smaller events such as double dates and weekend getaways I have another method which I'll share at another time.

I always buy the $.10 folders during the summer when school starts because stores like Staples have them on clearance. I forgot to do that this year but still found some inexpensive ones at CVS to get us by until August. :)

I use a different colored folder for each event and write on there what the event is.

In the folders, you'll find all the important info for the events.

The Bachelorette party folder as of right now has a three month calendar in it which I wrote down the dates I want to get everything done..this way I'm not scrambling around.

I'll also throw in copies of the menu, favor bag ideas, etc etc once it gets closer to time.

Our vacation folder has our confirmation emails in it. It will also have information for any tourist things we do or want to do. I always print off Mapquest directions now, too. (Thanks to Sam for doing this on our trip to Wilmington over Labor Day...helped us so much! Otherwise, we'd still be in Virginia Beach wondering why in the hell we couldn't find Dawson's house.) In a few months, I'll print off a week calendar for the trip and Jon and I can plan out what days we want to hang beach side and what days we're going on our day trips.

Since our hotel has a mini kitchenette, we'll be making some of our meals too...grocery list and menus will go in the folder as well.

We started doing the folder system when we went to the Carolinas in May. It was so easy and we loved it!

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Laura said...

Good idea! You're so organized!!