Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Activities Part One: Zoo && Children's Museum

I'm finally finally posting more pictures of the last few weekends...sorry, guys! (PS Hiii to my new followers!!)

The day after Thanksgiving Jon and I went to Christmas at the Zoo with our friends Michael && Brittany (who met at our wedding-TRUE STORY!). It was a BLAST!!

The lights were amazing!

The weather was perfect-45* and next to no wind! Perfect-but no worries, we made sure to get hot chocolate to get into the holiday spirit! :)

I wish you could see the skyline better on this picture. I loved the view!


Love me some Britt!

Silly boys!

Just this past weekend, the four of us hit up the Children's Museum for their Jolly Days! (Indy has the biggest Children's Museum in the world-FYI. Sidenote: When Sam and I were in Wilmington, we saw the Children's Museum was in a joke. We were shocked!)

We had a blast walking around...and we got to look at the Barbie exhibit! The boys looooved that-let me tell ya! ;)

I'm pretty sure we all felt like kids again that day.

After the museum, we went back to Michael's and watched football for a little bit-then headed out for some Fro Yo. If you have one near you-GO TO IT. Quick!

This weekend, we're heading to Cincinnati for their Festival of Lights at the Cincy Zoo..which puts Indy to shame, in my opinion. The only thing missing from Cincy is a real water exhibit...but, the Newport Aquarium is only 15 minutes away from the zoo...nonetheless, I'll have plenty more pictures! We have the zoo on Saturday night and then Christmas with my family on Sunday! I just LOOVE this time of the year!!!

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