Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had an amazing Christmas!!

J got me so many amazing gifts!! Everything from One Tree Hill seasons, to magnets, to board games, to a mini tripod for my cameras, and Colts fuzzy socks! How fun!!

J loved his gifts! I bought him quite a few things-including a Big Bang Theory ornament, a Metallica book, and this gift you see him opening:
I got the idea from Pinterest. It's a box with 12 different envelopes-one for each month. In each envelope I put a date day/night in it...with everything planned out to a T. At the beginning of every month, he'll open the envelope and we'll pick a day to do it. :) How fun!!! I'm excited for it!

After we opened presents, I made cake batter pancakes for breakfast (again, thanks, Pinterest!). Then we let Reg out and let him open his presents.

I think he liked them...what do you think? :)

We both took naps before heading out for the day-we had four stops to make this afternoon/evening. We had a great time though and played a few rounds of the Brand game that Jon bought me and hit the hay! :)

Family Christmas Photo

Hope your Christmas was full of plenty of love and laughter!

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Courtney B said...

It sounds like your Christmas was amazing! You and your hubs are the cutest!