Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Goals

I don't like the term "resolution" sooo I'll call them goals. I have a lot of them for this year....

*Get pregnant and pray to God we stay pregnant and have a beautiful, healthy baby (even if that actually occurs in early 2013)
*Throw an amazing bachelorette party for Cort
*Be an amazing MOH for Cort
*Go to Indy to see my girls 3-5 times this year
*Make a trip to Evansville once this year
*Update my blog at least once a week (not including weekend plans/recaps)
*Follow new blogs and hopefully get more followers!
*Take lots of pictures and make great memories!
*Put new carpet in our bedroom and the guest bedroom
*Paint the guest room
*Work out twice a week
*Get family pictures taken with Reg
*Take a vacation with Jon
*Take at least one weekend getaway

What are YOUR goals for the new year??

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