Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 In Review-Part Two


Not too much exciting in April around here! Just started our office renovation and got a big start on our spring cleaning.


What a crazy month!!

It started off with our amazing vacation to the Carolinas!!

We started off at Myrtle Beach....

....where we took morning beach walks every day, enjoyed delicious drinks, great food, plenty of sun, and memories and inside jokes to last a lifetime!

Then we headed up north to Charlotte for the All-Star Race. On the way there we made a little pit stop to Wilmington--Home of One Tree Hill && Dawson's Creek.....

......where we saw Capeside High School, "Leery's Fresh Fish", the kissing fountain, the Riverwalk, and......

...something that will forever be in my heart...finding Dawson's house! I cried when we found it and was so amazed by the gentleman who lives there. I love Mr. H! (PS How pretty is this place?!)

On the downside to this month, our town got hit with tornadoes. That's plural. Two. In the same day. Luckily, only one caused our house any damage. We spent the rest of the summer getting the house back up. Thankfully, we only had some cosmetic damage--we had no roof leaks, though we did get it replaced.

Memorial Day weekend that will remain in my memory, too. Why? It was the weekend we decided we wanted to start a family!


Ahhh, summer! We welcome you with open arms!!!

Summer in Indianapolis=concerts!!

Kenny Chesney concert

Stay tuned for part 3!!

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Maria said...

ahhh, you saw dawson's house! that is amazing! how stinkin' neat!
i love the photo of you in the pretty pink shirt!