Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 In Review-Part Three

Welcome to the final installment of 2011 In Review!!!


Overall, we had such a fun month!

*Went to King's Island's Halloween Haunt again
*Getaway to Nashvegas with a pit stop at the Jim Beam Brewery
*Got our second BFP


*Second miscarriage...but we got a new doctor who gave us plenty of hope for next year
*Luke Bryan concert number 9
*Birthday party for two of my cousins


*Christmas at the Zoo x2
*Jolly Days at the Children's Museum
*Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!

This year has had it very high ups and the lowest of lows. I can't honestly say that Jon and I are a million times closer than this time last year. We have endured the saddest times we could ever imagine but I think that we came away a stronger couple.

I'm grateful for our family and friends who helped us get through everything and who helped us share memories that we will keep in our hearts forever.

So I say, 2011....thanks for the tears from laughter, belly aches from jokes, and the memories that will last forever. For the bad things...I say, with all do respect, 2011...get bent. Kindly.

2012, BRING IT ON!!

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