Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Doctor's Appointment

Welcome to Three Post Thursday! Time to catch up on some blogging I haven't had time for yet this week.

I left my doctor's appointment yesterday feeling completely positive and reassured.

I'm temping/OPK'ing for the next 3+ months. (However long we want to wait really...but he recommends 3 months.) He wants to track my chart for awhile. Since I got pregnant the second cycle off BCP and the first cycle we could after MC #1 he wants to make sure I ovulate when I should and that my cycles are regular.

He said he has looked at all my tests and sees no reason why we shouldn't be able to have a healthy baby, but he will monitor me continue to monitor me closely. He said he can check on a few hormone deficiencies by my temping.

He also told me he has seen more people have two miscarriages in a row as opposed to people who have only had one.

That made me feel SO MUCH BETTER!

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