Friday, November 4, 2011

Master Bedroom Project-Walls

Let's try to get back into the swing of things. I'm back on the bedroom project bandwagon.

I did some drawings on the computer for two of our walls.

This is our first wall where our bed sits:

Okay-the "All because.."sign is one we found at Target that I'm in love with and it served as my inspiration for the theme of the room. The 8x10s are going to be wedding photos. I'm not sure which one yet though. The 4x6's will be random pictures of us (vacations, etc). The xo's are 3 frame picture frames with pictures of us kissing. We take SO many pictures of us kissing. They're cute and sweet. This one they are framed but only WE can see them!

The next picture is of the wall with the closet door.

The heart frames are part of a Pinterest project I finished a few weeks back. (Pictures will come at the reveal!). The 8x10s are of two of our engagement pictures. The 4x6 pictures will be more pictures of us.

The theme is simply...US. It's about us and our love. I know..gag, right? But who else is really going to be in this room except us? No one. Why not make it about us?!


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