Saturday, November 12, 2011

Master Bedroom Project-Painted!!

Here's what we started with:

Nice blue color, huh? I chose it. I picked it up from the returned pile at the hardware store in a pinch.

Thanks to Pinterest, I found two projects I fell in love with! A little DIY love and boom:

The maps are places we met, got married, and live. :)

This is my favorite project! Vases, rubber bands, and spray paint. :)

Jon and I worked today on painting and I must say...I LOVE IT!!!

View from the door. Excuse Jon's hats on the bedposts. hahaha (P.S. How cute is our new duvet cover?)

Here's a close up of the photos that are hanging above our bed. I got the lay out from Pinterest.

The floating shelf has my bouquet from the wedding, Jon's bout, and the handkerchief that I had. The shadow box has every ticket of things Jon and I have done together-concerts, movies, hotel keys, etc.

Here's another picture gallery next to our closet. I love how it turned out!

The vases you saw at the beginning of the post are on our night stands and the met, married, live picture frames are above our closet door.

Love it!

I can't wait to get new carpet! Then we'll be done!!

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