Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Glimpse into our Household: Planning Get Togethers

Today was Thanksgiving at our house for my side of the family. It took some planning but it went really well!

Of course, planning was completely necessary when it comes to any kind of get together.

Here's how I planned it out:

Beginning of the month: I sent out an email to my sister asking what dates would work for her. Then, we worked out a menu and a time to have everyone over. We also figured out who was bringing and making what.

2 weeks prior: Worked up a time line as to when things needed to be done.

1 week prior: Make out grocery list. Figure out where to set things up.

4 days prior: Grocery shop

1 day prior: Make what can be made ahead of time. (I made the cookies yesterday.)

Day of: Prep as much ahead of time as possible. Execute plan. Enjoy!! Clean up!

My Biggest Tips:

*Give your house a quick clean the day before. Pick up any clutter, vacuum, sweep, wipe down your bathroom. It's the little things that make a big difference!

*Clean as you go!! It makes things so much easier...and it doesn't crowd your counter top with dirty dishes!

*Make timelines and lists. Break it down day-to-day so it doesn't seem over whelming.

*Enjoy the meal and your guests! Make memories that will last a lifetime. :)

*After everyone leaves, clean up! Right then. Don't put it off!

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