Friday, November 25, 2011

Future plans in the works!

A double date at the Children's Museum for their Jolly Days!

Double date for Cincinnati's Festival of Lights at the Zoo

And looking ahead....

Fondue party for Valentine's Day!!!

Bring on the fun! I'm so excited for the next few months!!


Megan said...

Ahhhh, that slide looks like so much fun! Sometimes I wish that we lived in a big city for stuff like that!!

Kari said...

It's funny you say that-I'm working on a post about all the things I love about living near Indy. :) I'm only 4'11"...I think I might be able to get by the "no adults unless with children" rule.

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

fondue party sounds like fun :)

Robin said...

Fondue party!!! Sounds like a great time for Valentines day! It is always great when you have things coming up that you look forward to!

I hope you'll check out my blog & giveaways, plus a link up called Wish! {out loud} that I hope you'll participate in!