Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I can't believe I'm making a post about Christmas gifts already!! I need to make a post about Thanksgiving-we're hosting it at our house this year! But...let's talk about the task at hand!

Christmas gifts!!

Tonight I sat down and wrote out everyone I (we) need to buy gifts for, what I had in mind for them, and also an amount I don't want to exceed.

I already bought a few small things so I made sure to note them and figure in how much they were. (Especially for my niece and nephews) I ended up ordering a few things tonight, too.

I'm going shopping with my best friend Thanksgiving weekend for the bulk of them.

I'm so excited for Christmas shopping! I love buying gifts and wrapping them!

I especially love buying for Jon-it's so fun to surprise him!

I'll keep you updated on how the gift buying is going-but I won't put any specifics on here-you never know who's watching (spying! ;) )!


Whitney said...

I need to do this... I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. Crazy!

What's your email address girl? And I'll email you about what is going on.

Kari said...

I sent you an email!

Michele said...

Try this for gifts this year!