Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful Part One

In no particular order...

My Husband
This is a no brainer for me. Jon is my rock. He makes me smile and laugh every day. He gives me hugs and kisses when I need them. He's grateful for everything I do-but what he doesn't realize is how grateful I am for everything he does. He's amazing and I truly hope that everyone has someone in their life who treats them as well as Jon treats me.

Reggie Monster

I'm convinced this pup loves me unconditionally. He gets so excited when I get home from work or when I wake up. If I take a shower, the second I unlock the door I hear him bounding down the hallway to give me lovins. He's such a sweet heart and he's so damn smart. I just love him.

My mom
My mom is one of my best friends. She's the most selfless person I know. She's there for me whenever I need her. She can calm me down when I'm freaking out and she doesn't bat an eye if I ask her to go with me to the doctor or hold my hand when I'm getting bloodwork done. I'm so thankful for her!

My Best Friend

Ash and I have been best friends since our sophomore year of high school. We only knew each other in our Foods class and we've been besties ever since. She's always there for me when I need her. We don't see each other as much as we'd like to-but we make a point to have best friend dates whenever we can. And another reason she's my best friend? Because she knows me better than almost anyone. Case in point-she sent me a text today with a picture of two boxes of Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts. (I LOVE pumpkin stuff && have looked for these FOREVER) The text said,"One for me, one for you". Love her!!


I love football. NFL only...let's get that straight first. I love playing Fantasy Football. I love watching games. I find it relaxing, interesting, and fun. It's a good way for me to wind down.

Luke Bryan (Or country music in general, actually)

But I wanted to attention whore the fact that I met him and I loove him!! And Jon and I are going to see him in concert again Friday night! This may or may not be the NINTH time I've seen him in concert. If you don't have his new CD, Tanlines && Tailgates. Buy it-and thank me later!

Nestie Besties

When we started planning our wedding, I started talking to a group of girls who were getting married the same month as us. Over two years later, I still talk to these girls. I've gotten to be very good friends with several of the girls. I'm thankful for their friendships-even though we all haven't actually met-I genuinely LOVE these girls so much!! If you didn't get married in July 2009-you missed out! ;)


In the last three months, there has been one thing that keeps me going-faith. My faith. I haven't really been too in touch with that aspect of my life in the last year. I don't know why-I just stopped making it a priority. That sounds horrible, but I'm being honest. Now that I've made it a priority-I'm starting to feel better.

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