Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Review

Let's recap:

Dinner and shopping with my mama (CHECK-shopping trip summary below)

IKEA trip with my wingman (CHECK-summary below again)
Dinner with my bestest (CHECK)

Meal plan and grocery shop (CHECK-updated menu on my sidebar)
Relax (CHECK)
Watch football (CHECK)
Laundry (CHECK)

Friday night, my mom and I went to the outlet mall and did some damage. I think I did pretty well:

2 pairs of jeans
1 short sleeved top (sweater material)
2 sweaters
2 tank tops
1 zip up hoodie
1 black jacket (Northface type look)

Total: $65.00

I call that a successful trip!

Saturday I went shopping with one of my best girl friends, Cort! We met up fairly early in the morning and headed to Ohio. We stopped at IHOP for breakfast (Apple Caramel crepe? Yum!)

I already showed you part of what I bought. I bought the comforter, frames, candles, and candle holder for our room. I also bought:

For our silverware we keep on the counter

This is meant to be a trashcan, but I opted to attach it inside of one of our cabinet doors to corral up our aluminum foil, wax paper, etc. While Cort and I were looking at these I was explaining to her what I wanted to do with it. A woman standing next to us looking at the bin looks over and says,"I'm buying another one-I love your idea!" That made me feel good. =)

I bought these to keep my rings in when I take them off. I put one in the bathroom and one in our bedroom. Ideally, I would have bought another set and used one in the kitchen for when I'm cooking or doing dishes. Oh well. I'm planning on going again in a few months and I'll pick up another set.

Total at IKEA-$75

Not too bad!

We also stopped at Hobby Lobby where I bought the fairy tale picture. Finally, we stopped at a store in our town and I walked out with the sage green sheets you saw in the picture on my last post.

Very productive weekend! I'm ready to get the ball rolling on our master bedroom project. Ideally, I'd like to have it finished by December 1st. That's my hope!

Coming soon-our fall decorations! I'm working on finishing those up tomorrow. =)

P.S. All photos from here.

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