Monday, October 17, 2011

Nashville Recap

I already gave you a teaser yesterday but...prepare for a text and picture heavy post! My apologies! ;)

We arrived in Nashville around 1:30 CT. We got to check into the hotel right away. We got unpacked and then grabbed lunch and headed downtown.

Our first stop was the Country Music Hall of Fame. (See picture from last post--->it's the picture of us in front of the piano building.) It was such a great museum! I looooved it!! I took every bit of 75-100 pictures. They had everything from Minnie Pearl's dress to Taylor Swift's computer she used to make her videos. Amazing!

(I already do, Kix and Ronnie.)

After we finished up there-we cruised down Broadway and did some sightseeing.

After that, we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up and ready for dinner. We were able to meet up with one of my Nestie Besties, Liz and her husband, Lincoln.

We had an absolute BLAST!! It was so much fun and the boys got along famously. :) They bonded. :)

The next morning we got up early and went down to the lobby for breakfast. Then, we headed off to our Grand Ole Opry tour. I highly recommend this! Seriously-if you have any love for country music, you would enjoy this. I got goosebumps going onto the stage!

Adorable picture of Jon and I outside of the Grand Ole Opry

We stopped at the Dukes of Hazzard museum afterward the GOO and then went back to the hotel for lunch and a much needed nap. Then we were up and at 'em and headed back downtown.

After grabbing an early dinner, we decided to walk across the river to the LP Field (Home of the Tennessee Titans). Insert vomiting sound here. ;) We had the whole parking lot/area to ourselves so my oh-so-smart husband set up a make shift tripod and we had our own little photo shoot with the skyline as our background.
One of my favorites of us. It's going to be framed in our new bedroom!

We made our way back to downtown and stopped for an old fashion pop (soda as they call it apparently?). Then, we headed to the meeting spot for our ghost walk.

The ghost walk lasted about 1 1/2 hours. It was so neat!! It wasn't just, "Here's the building. Here's the ghost story. Boo!". It had a lot of history and architecture (!!!!!) during the tour, as well. Jon loved it and so did I!

We made it home around 10:00 CT and got ready for bed, knowing we would be up early the following morning.

Jon had a brilliant idea to go to the Jim Beam Distillery on the way home. So we got up at 7:30 to get breakfast, get ready, and head out by 9:00.

The Distillery was so cool! I loved it! They walked you around the grounds (but you didn't actually go INTO the distillery....that tour is coming September 2012). At the end, you were able to taste 2 of the bourbons.

Jim Beam Distillery

After the Distillery, we headed home. We stopped in Clarksville to eat dinner and watch the Colts lose. AGAIN. Then we made the final hour drive home.

Such a great trip! And a great get away!! Now...back to reality!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow. I have a big Tackle It Tuesday in mind! ;)

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