Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Haunt 2011

We decided this year (#2 of this adventure) that we're going to make this a tradition. We just have so much fun and it's so fun to be with our friends!

This year we opted to spend the extra $5 and we bought the "Fright Feast", too. They had a buffet style with chicken tenders, BBQ pulled pork, potato salad, hot dogs, baked beans, ice cream, and cookies...oh and unlimited soft drinks! The food was...okay. Was it $5 okay? Yes, absolutely! Would I do it again? Maybe..if they changed the menu up a little bit. If you don't buy it as a combo with your ticket you pay $14.99 per person for the meal. Was it $15 good? No-save your money and go to La Rosa's. :)

They added 3 new attractions (mazes, as they call them) this year. One was called Holiday Horror. It was pretty good! You walked through every holiday from New Year's to July 4th and so on. It was pretty good and I liked it!

The second was called Nightmare Alley. It wasn't really an attraction like you wait in line and walk through a maze sort of thing. Instead they had an entire area set up like a side show. People were standing on pedestals and you couldn't tell if they were real people or just statues. Creepy!

The last and final one was called Mysteria. It I wish we would have used that time to go to one of the two we missed and just skipped that one. It was an indoor maze and they had people dressed up to blend in with the walls. They also had people who hung from the ceilings (Hey, Batman!) or looked like they were "dead" then they grabbed your foot. EXCUSE ME?! I'll step on your hand and I won't feel bad about it! hahaha

We had a great time and I'm excited for next year, already!!

Now...enjoy some pictures!

Cute fall set up

Waiting in line for one of the attractions

The humor in this is that I'm a whopping 4'11". I passed BOTH tests! I could ride the ride and I didn't have to be accompanied by a "responsible person". WINNING!

Mal and I-I love this girl!
Jon and I before heading home. You can see that next to the skeleton there is a lady's hand-after we took this picture, I looked over and she had the hand right up in my face. Hello! And next to Jon you can see the ivy-that's really a man too!


Megan said...

These pictures make me so so anxious for Halloween and to visit a haunted house!!

Kari said...

It's so fun!! It was beautiful out too-65* at the coldest time...which meant the place was PACKED!

I love going to haunted houses! We have a ton of them around here. So fun! =) I love going on ghost walks tour. Those are a blast!

Tiffany said...

thanks for following my blog. I am now returning the favor.

Alexis Kaye said...

you are so darling! what a fun halloween! I hope to do fun stuff like that this year!