Saturday, September 17, 2011

Proof Fall is Coming!

I'm wearing this...

I love B&BW. Every season I ponder what I'll wear. Okay..I lie. Every summer I rock Forever Sunshine and every winter I rock Warm Candy Apple or whatever it's called. But fall and spring I vary it up. I'm actually now a huge fan of vanilla usually but this stuff smells so amazing!

Our house currently smells like this:


And we're planning on attending this again:

Here's a picture of Jon and I from the Halloween Haunt last year:
Not to mention, we're planning our own little getaway in a few short weeks! More to come on that though!

Bring on the fall!! I'm going to start decorating tomorrow hopefully!

Sorry for my lack of posts this week. Starting Thursday I started feeling about like this little lady:

Only she makes feeling like crap actually look cute.

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