Sunday, September 11, 2011

OOTD-Football Sunday Style

Colts kicked off at 1:00! And yeah...that was about as good as it got was kick off. hahaha Man, that game was HORRIBLE. Kerry Collins can play better than that. Our defense can play better than that. Our O-line can play...oh wait, for some dumbass reason we kept Ryan Diem. So I won't even finish that statement. Nonetheless, I was excited to support my Dallas Clark jersey today!

I'm not one of those fair weather fans. I'll rock this every day the Colts have a game. I don't care if we're 0-16. (But let's get real-if we lose to the freaking Browns next week, I'll drive my happy butt to Indy have a chit chat with Caldwell and the boys.) I love my boys and I bleed blue every day. I can't wait for #18 to be back on that field healthy, kicking ass, and taking names!

After our game was over I went to dinner with one of my best friends. Then I came home, and got some stuff done. Then I showered and got ready for game #2:

Cowboys && Jets tonight!! Hell hasn't frozen over so no, I don't want the Jets to win. And my wonderful, amazing, thoughtful husband had this jersey custom made for me 2 years ago. See...Spencer doesn't have youth jerseys available yet. Soooo Jon had one made for me. I proudly wear it. may ask, "Why aren't you wearing a Romo jersey? Or at least a D Ware jersey?" Well..first off, I don't really have a desire for a Romo jersey. If I own a QB jersey, it will be a Peyton one...I think I'm the only person in Blue Country who doesn't have one..but I wanted to show my love for my other boys. And D Ware? No. I have an allegiance to Spencer. And I've been following him since he got drafted. Don't plan on stopping now! GO COWBOYS!

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