Thursday, September 22, 2011

Master Bedroom Project

After this weekend (hopefully!) our tornado damage repairs will finally be done. Aside from painting the shed, it should be done! We said that after that was over, we would tackle the master bedroom.

A few months ago, I went to IKEA with my friend Britt and fell in LOVE with this duvet set. It was $49. Why didn't I buy it? I'm STILL asking myself that. I'm planning another trip there next weekend and I've been looking online for it and can't find it. I'm hoping I can find it in the store again. Just in case I can't-I started looking for other options online. So far I've like these:



Lately I've been loving the greens. If you know me, you're probably scratching your head. I'm still at a toss up because I know I want to do an accent wall on the wall our bed is on. When we first started talking about redoing the bedroom I wanted to do a green accent wall. I was looking at sage greens. My concern was that I would tire of it-plus it would really limit me on my comforter choices. I get tired of those quick. So I chickened out and said I would go for a dark chocolate brown. I'm talking dark dark DARK brown. But now I'm thinking you know...maybe going with a creamy color as the main color and a sage as an accent may not be a bad thing. Or do I even want to do an accent wall?

In theory-there is really only one wall our bed can go on so it isn't like we'll be changing the furniture arrangement around.But do I want an accent wall at all? Or do I just say let's do one color and call it good. I mean-that would make three of our rooms have accent walls. I don't want to do an over kill.

So many decisions.....any thoughts? Ideas?

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