Thursday, September 8, 2011

"I hope so-for their sake."-Capeside Day 3

Our last day was pretty quick. We stopped at BoJangles for lunch. LOVE that place! I wish we had one in Indiana!

We had some spare time before our studio tour began. So we ran back downtown and snapped a picture of this:

The store where Andie helped Pacey get the right hair color when he was over his frosted tips. It's also the store where Mitch was last scene after he bought milk. He had a fatal car accident at the end of that episode.

After that we stopped at the cemetery we heard about on our ghost walk and snapped some pictures. It was the biggest cemetery I've ever seen-and I've been to Crown Hill!

Our last stop before starting the 12 hour drive home was to the studio!

We got to see cars from DC and One Tree Hill, then we went into 3 sets from OTH. We walked through Nathan and Haley's house, Brooke's house, and Red Bedroom Records. SO AWESOME!! On the way out, we saw a mural of DC that was in their old food court.

Eep!! Dawson's Creek!!

After the studio tour we started the long drive home. We made it home safely around 2:30 on Monday morning!

Such a fun trip! I wanna go back!

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