Friday, September 9, 2011

Glimpse Into My Household: Meal Planning/Grocery Shopping

Basically I start out like this:
With my tools (My recipe box and favorite recipe book, coupon organizer, dry erase board, shopping list tab, pen, and dry erase marker)
The first thing I do is write down any social plans we have for the week (date night, dinner w/friends, etc.).

Then I start brainstorming. On a post-it note I'll write down anything that sounds good to me at the time. I didn't take a picture's a bunch of scribbles, circles, and cross outs. Until I get to this...

Next up...I make a list of things I need from the menu. After that, I write down any staples we need.

Then, I put the two things back on the fridge where they belong until we're ready to go to the store.

Afterwards they're put right back there.

Quick. Easy. Orgaized. Money Saver.


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