Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do you think every Joey has a Dawson?-Capeside Day 1

What a great trip!! I love Wilmington! I could move

We got in early Friday morning (around 3:00). We went to downtown Wilmington Friday morning and started walking around. There are SO many sights to see just walking around downtown. We stopped for lunch at Mixto which was Leery's Fresh Fish on the show.

After we ate lunch we hopped in the car and went house searching. We saw the Potter B & B, Andie and Jack's house, Gram's house in Boston, Chris Wolfe's house, and OF COURSE....

The Leery residence! It takes my breath away every time I see it. I just love it. It's so peaceful and beautiful. :)

We headed back to the hotel and changed clothes (It was getting chilly.) and went back downtown for dinner at Hell's Kitchen (!!). Then we took off for our Wilmington Ghost Tour. It was AMAZING! We heard 4 creepy stories and I actually have a picture I took from the last day of the grave from one of the stories. More on that later!

After the ghost walk we stopped at Sonic for a late night snack (Mmmmm chili cheese tots!) and headed back to the hotel for some shut eye!

I'll update days 2 and 3 tonight or tomorrow!

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