Thursday, September 8, 2011

And every Joey has a Dawson?-Capeside Day 2

We slept in for day two knowing it was going to be a lot more than for us to do then just walk around. We planned two tours-a Hollywood Walk tour and a Haunted Pub Crawl tour. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures because I already took pictures of most of the scenes from DC and OTH (my new obsession).

Right after we left the hotel, we stopped at this park that was huge on Dawson's Creek. Joey and Dawson had their first date there. Jon and I stopped there in May and couldn't find the swingset from the show. We looked and looked. After much research, I figured out we looked at the wrong side of the park!! Sam and I both decided we weren't leaving Wilmington until we found it.

Guess what...

Yep, we found it!!

After that successful trip, we stopped for lunch at Dockside. The "dock" a/k/a the outside seating area was used as the Icehouse deck on the show. Of course, we had to eat out there!

It was so good!! I had the chicken salad sandwich and it was AMAZING!!

After the Hollywood walk tour we made the trip to Southport, NC where some other scenes were filmed. One of our favorites (We are both BIG Pacey/Joey fans)...was this place:

Don't recognize it? That's okay. It's the yacht club where Joey and Pacey kissed during one of the best and highest rated and WELL WRITTEN episodes of Dawson's Creek-The Longest Day.

We spent a little toooooo much time in Southport so we had to haul it back to Wilmington for our haunted pub crawl. We were both starving so we ended up just eating at Fat Tony's...which was where we were supposed to meet for the pub crawl.

We went to several bars and heard several good stories! Plus the atmosphere was just awesome!

Here's a picture of us from inside Blue Post Billiards-used on Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, and East Bound and Down.

Next up...our last day! Then I'll have reviews!

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