Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Planning Blog Hop

As usual with one of my favorite blogs My Happy House:

Dinner and shopping with my mama

IKEA trip with my wingman
Dinner with my bestest

Meal plan and grocery shop
Watch football

So excited for this weekend!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Office Reveal


Purple-ish gray commercial carpet. Cantaloupe walls. Pink blinds. Oh sexy!


Fresh coat of paint. New office furniture. New carpet. White Blind. Amazing!!

Much better, right?

Stay tuned-at the end of this month we're starting on our bedroom!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Haunt outfit inspiration

How cute is that?! I'm not a fan of the shoes-I'd rather do a medium wash skinny jeans with black boots, but definitely in love with the simpleness of the black long sleeve with the pop of the orange scarf. I'd love to pick up a black Northface-type jacket to wear in case it gets chilly.


(Image from Pinterest)

I heart Pinterest!

Yes I'm looking at all sorts of stuff for our home! I'm getting lots of organizing ideas to bring along with me to my Ikea adventure this weekend! But I also found these goodies:

And I swooooooooooon!!! Luke Bryan, you are a beautiful human being!

Part of my favorite song on his CD! Love love love this!

And this made me giggle because it's SO true! Runs off singing, "She's not a saint and she's not what you think she's an actress...WHOOOOOOOAAAAAA!"

"You, Josephine Potter, have wrecked me."
Hells yes Pacey and Joey!!
"You bought me a wall?"
Swoooooooooon again!

Weekend Wrap Up!

Meal Plan (CHECK)
Grocery Shop (CHECK)
Buy Bridal Shower gift (CHECK)

Work from 8-3 (CHECK)
Jon is working on the shed (There are not enough exclamation points to define my excitement about this!) (CHECK)
Outlet mall possibly? (Nope...shed took to long for the stupid rain!)

Laundry (CHECK)
Bridal Shower (I didn't go)
Football (CHECK)

Not very productive-but very relaxing!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekend Planning-Blog Hop

Linking up with My Happy House!

This weekend is pretty low key for me.

Meal Plan
Grocery Shop
Buy Bridal Shower gift

Work from 8-3
Jon is working on the shed (There are not enough exclamation points to define my excitement about this!)
Outlet mall possibly?

Bridal Shower

Low key weekend but let me tell you-this is the last low key weekend for us for quite some time!

Master Bedroom Project

After this weekend (hopefully!) our tornado damage repairs will finally be done. Aside from painting the shed, it should be done! We said that after that was over, we would tackle the master bedroom.

A few months ago, I went to IKEA with my friend Britt and fell in LOVE with this duvet set. It was $49. Why didn't I buy it? I'm STILL asking myself that. I'm planning another trip there next weekend and I've been looking online for it and can't find it. I'm hoping I can find it in the store again. Just in case I can't-I started looking for other options online. So far I've like these:



Lately I've been loving the greens. If you know me, you're probably scratching your head. I'm still at a toss up because I know I want to do an accent wall on the wall our bed is on. When we first started talking about redoing the bedroom I wanted to do a green accent wall. I was looking at sage greens. My concern was that I would tire of it-plus it would really limit me on my comforter choices. I get tired of those quick. So I chickened out and said I would go for a dark chocolate brown. I'm talking dark dark DARK brown. But now I'm thinking you know...maybe going with a creamy color as the main color and a sage as an accent may not be a bad thing. Or do I even want to do an accent wall?

In theory-there is really only one wall our bed can go on so it isn't like we'll be changing the furniture arrangement around.But do I want an accent wall at all? Or do I just say let's do one color and call it good. I mean-that would make three of our rooms have accent walls. I don't want to do an over kill.

So many decisions.....any thoughts? Ideas?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Love Nest Tab

is up && running! And already tragically out of date!

Proof Fall is Coming!

I'm wearing this...

I love B&BW. Every season I ponder what I'll wear. Okay..I lie. Every summer I rock Forever Sunshine and every winter I rock Warm Candy Apple or whatever it's called. But fall and spring I vary it up. I'm actually now a huge fan of vanilla usually but this stuff smells so amazing!

Our house currently smells like this:


And we're planning on attending this again:

Here's a picture of Jon and I from the Halloween Haunt last year:
Not to mention, we're planning our own little getaway in a few short weeks! More to come on that though!

Bring on the fall!! I'm going to start decorating tomorrow hopefully!

Sorry for my lack of posts this week. Starting Thursday I started feeling about like this little lady:

Only she makes feeling like crap actually look cute.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

Pretty easy tonight. It took all of 5 minutes.

I wiped down the blinds. So easy but made such a difference.

I also got rid of some nasty cobwebs.

Easy peasy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Weekend Review

-Make dinner (Pigs in a blanket and mac && cheese) (CHECK)
-Grocery list (CHECK)
-Weekly Menu (CHECK)
-Grocery shop (CHECK)

-Work 8-3 (CHECK)
-Clean out car (CHECK)
-Do laundry (at least 2 loads) (CHECK)
-Phone date with my old roommie Jesska (CHECK)

-Finish laundry (CHECK)
-WATCH FOOTBALL! (GO COLTS!) (Idk if I'd really call that football but CHECK)
-Have dinner w/my friend Cort (CHECK)

Not on my list but I also completed...
-Re-organized my baking and cooking cabinets
-Writing thank you cards for work
-Buy birthday cards for 2 of my girls whose birthdays are today
-Booked hotel for our getaway next month (More on that in a later post!)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

OOTD-Football Sunday Style

Colts kicked off at 1:00! And yeah...that was about as good as it got was kick off. hahaha Man, that game was HORRIBLE. Kerry Collins can play better than that. Our defense can play better than that. Our O-line can play...oh wait, for some dumbass reason we kept Ryan Diem. So I won't even finish that statement. Nonetheless, I was excited to support my Dallas Clark jersey today!

I'm not one of those fair weather fans. I'll rock this every day the Colts have a game. I don't care if we're 0-16. (But let's get real-if we lose to the freaking Browns next week, I'll drive my happy butt to Indy have a chit chat with Caldwell and the boys.) I love my boys and I bleed blue every day. I can't wait for #18 to be back on that field healthy, kicking ass, and taking names!

After our game was over I went to dinner with one of my best friends. Then I came home, and got some stuff done. Then I showered and got ready for game #2:

Cowboys && Jets tonight!! Hell hasn't frozen over so no, I don't want the Jets to win. And my wonderful, amazing, thoughtful husband had this jersey custom made for me 2 years ago. See...Spencer doesn't have youth jerseys available yet. Soooo Jon had one made for me. I proudly wear it. may ask, "Why aren't you wearing a Romo jersey? Or at least a D Ware jersey?" Well..first off, I don't really have a desire for a Romo jersey. If I own a QB jersey, it will be a Peyton one...I think I'm the only person in Blue Country who doesn't have one..but I wanted to show my love for my other boys. And D Ware? No. I have an allegiance to Spencer. And I've been following him since he got drafted. Don't plan on stopping now! GO COWBOYS!

Cleaning Schedule

I put up a side bar for my cleaning schedule. Hopefully it helps! I posted a detailed description of my cleaning schedule here.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Glimpse Into My Household: Meal Planning/Grocery Shopping

Basically I start out like this:
With my tools (My recipe box and favorite recipe book, coupon organizer, dry erase board, shopping list tab, pen, and dry erase marker)
The first thing I do is write down any social plans we have for the week (date night, dinner w/friends, etc.).

Then I start brainstorming. On a post-it note I'll write down anything that sounds good to me at the time. I didn't take a picture's a bunch of scribbles, circles, and cross outs. Until I get to this...

Next up...I make a list of things I need from the menu. After that, I write down any staples we need.

Then, I put the two things back on the fridge where they belong until we're ready to go to the store.

Afterwards they're put right back there.

Quick. Easy. Orgaized. Money Saver.


Weekend Planning Blog Hop

-Make dinner (Pigs in a blanket and mac && cheese)
-Grocery list
-Weekly Menu
-Grocery shop

-Work 8-3
-Clean out car
-Do laundry (at least 2 loads)
-Phone date with my old roommie Jesska

-Finish laundry
-Have dinner w/my friend Cort

Excited for a semi-relaxing weekend!

(Linked up with: My Happy House)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

This made me giggle.

I stole this from a girl on my Facebook:

"kerry collins, don't let me down. i mean don't let the team down. i mean, don't let indy down. i mean, don't fuck it up or i'll kill you. good talk thanks bye."

Bahahahaha. Amen to that. PLEASE don't eow8y7r98hg up our entire season. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

And one more thing....


Wilmington: Reviews

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

We picked up our rental car Thursday around 12:30 and returned it Monday around 10:30. The car was okay. We had a Chevy Aveo...I'm not sure of the year. The car was okay. It got great gas mileage but it had no get up to it...which was not ideal when you're going through the mountains.

Grade: B-

Jameson Inn, Wilmington

Our hotel was very nice! The room was pretty big and it had a big bathroom which I loved. It was located just off of Market Street which you can take to get to downtown Wilmington. It was also located right next to Target and several gas stations which was wonderful. We only ate their continental breakfast one morning but it was very good! They had my heart at their waffle maker. :)

Grade: A


Mixto Restaurant, Wilmington
(Carne Asada Tacos, Rice, & Sweet tea)

The food was decent-I like our local Mexican restaurant better. The portions were just enough and the price was great. You can't beat the view of the river walk either.

Grade: B

Hell's Kitchen
(BBQ Pulled Pork, Fries, & water)

I loved this restaurant once we got seated next to Joey's boat! The food was wonderful! Our service was great.

Grade: A

Dockside Restaurant
(Chicken salad sandwich, fries, sweet tea)

To say the view at this place was beautiful would be the understatement of a lifetime. The food was delicious and the service was PHENOMENAL.

Grade: A+

Fat Tony's Italian Pub
(2 slices of pepperoni pizza, water)

When I saw the price of the pizza per slice ($1.25) I thought,"Oh man...I should get 2!" I WAS WRONG! The pieces were huuuuge! They were delicious. They were a little slow in getting the pizza to us. We ordered 4 slices of pizza and it took around 25 minutes. We were meeting for the pub crawl at 7:30. We didn't get our pizza slices until 7:25. I'm pretty sure I didn't chew. Ugh I hate being in a hurry.

Grade: C


Wilmington Haunted Ghost Walk

We had a great, animated tour guide. We went to 4 houses and heard 4 wonderful stories. I liked that it was just "Oh, here's a boo ahh ghost story.". They actually went into details about the history of the town, too.

Grade: A

Hollywood Location Walk

Before I get into my review, I'll preface by saying this...we had two older women on our tour who quite frankly did nothing but bitch and complain the whole time. "How long are we going to walk?" "I've never even heard of this show/this movie." It's a WALKING tour...what do you think you're going to be doing? Riding a segway? Seriously.

Nevertheless, we had a very animated tour guide for this tour too. He asked what shows/movies we were interested in. We told him. He showed us 2 places from each show then showed us sites from movies/shows we had never heard of. The sites he did show us from Dawson's Creek you could tell he had no idea what he was talking about. Two things stand out for me:

1) He showed us where the Icehouse used to be and said,"This is where the Icehouse stood. Joey worked here with her sister Betsy and her parents." No. Her sister's name is BESSIE. And her mom died when she was younger and her dad is in jail.

2) He showed us "The Wall". You know...the "Ask me to stay" wall. "This is the wall that Dawson gave to Joey." NO. Pacey RENTED it. He didn't give it to her.

Those are probably trivial but I paid for a tour and I could have given a better one.

Grade: C-

Wilmington Haunted Pub Crawl

This was given by the same company that does the ghost walk tours. We had a different tour guide this time and he was even better than the original guy! We had 5 stories...all were awesome! Same thing as before-they had some history info in there, too.

Grade: A

"I hope so-for their sake."-Capeside Day 3

Our last day was pretty quick. We stopped at BoJangles for lunch. LOVE that place! I wish we had one in Indiana!

We had some spare time before our studio tour began. So we ran back downtown and snapped a picture of this:

The store where Andie helped Pacey get the right hair color when he was over his frosted tips. It's also the store where Mitch was last scene after he bought milk. He had a fatal car accident at the end of that episode.

After that we stopped at the cemetery we heard about on our ghost walk and snapped some pictures. It was the biggest cemetery I've ever seen-and I've been to Crown Hill!

Our last stop before starting the 12 hour drive home was to the studio!

We got to see cars from DC and One Tree Hill, then we went into 3 sets from OTH. We walked through Nathan and Haley's house, Brooke's house, and Red Bedroom Records. SO AWESOME!! On the way out, we saw a mural of DC that was in their old food court.

Eep!! Dawson's Creek!!

After the studio tour we started the long drive home. We made it home safely around 2:30 on Monday morning!

Such a fun trip! I wanna go back!

And every Joey has a Dawson?-Capeside Day 2

We slept in for day two knowing it was going to be a lot more than for us to do then just walk around. We planned two tours-a Hollywood Walk tour and a Haunted Pub Crawl tour. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures because I already took pictures of most of the scenes from DC and OTH (my new obsession).

Right after we left the hotel, we stopped at this park that was huge on Dawson's Creek. Joey and Dawson had their first date there. Jon and I stopped there in May and couldn't find the swingset from the show. We looked and looked. After much research, I figured out we looked at the wrong side of the park!! Sam and I both decided we weren't leaving Wilmington until we found it.

Guess what...

Yep, we found it!!

After that successful trip, we stopped for lunch at Dockside. The "dock" a/k/a the outside seating area was used as the Icehouse deck on the show. Of course, we had to eat out there!

It was so good!! I had the chicken salad sandwich and it was AMAZING!!

After the Hollywood walk tour we made the trip to Southport, NC where some other scenes were filmed. One of our favorites (We are both BIG Pacey/Joey fans)...was this place:

Don't recognize it? That's okay. It's the yacht club where Joey and Pacey kissed during one of the best and highest rated and WELL WRITTEN episodes of Dawson's Creek-The Longest Day.

We spent a little toooooo much time in Southport so we had to haul it back to Wilmington for our haunted pub crawl. We were both starving so we ended up just eating at Fat Tony's...which was where we were supposed to meet for the pub crawl.

We went to several bars and heard several good stories! Plus the atmosphere was just awesome!

Here's a picture of us from inside Blue Post Billiards-used on Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, and East Bound and Down.

Next up...our last day! Then I'll have reviews!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do you think every Joey has a Dawson?-Capeside Day 1

What a great trip!! I love Wilmington! I could move

We got in early Friday morning (around 3:00). We went to downtown Wilmington Friday morning and started walking around. There are SO many sights to see just walking around downtown. We stopped for lunch at Mixto which was Leery's Fresh Fish on the show.

After we ate lunch we hopped in the car and went house searching. We saw the Potter B & B, Andie and Jack's house, Gram's house in Boston, Chris Wolfe's house, and OF COURSE....

The Leery residence! It takes my breath away every time I see it. I just love it. It's so peaceful and beautiful. :)

We headed back to the hotel and changed clothes (It was getting chilly.) and went back downtown for dinner at Hell's Kitchen (!!). Then we took off for our Wilmington Ghost Tour. It was AMAZING! We heard 4 creepy stories and I actually have a picture I took from the last day of the grave from one of the stories. More on that later!

After the ghost walk we stopped at Sonic for a late night snack (Mmmmm chili cheese tots!) and headed back to the hotel for some shut eye!

I'll update days 2 and 3 tonight or tomorrow!