Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Recap

-Make a meal plan for next week (CHECK!)
-Make grocery list (CHECK!)
-Grocery shop (CHECK!)
-Pick up paint for the ceiling in the LR. (CHECK!)
-Pick up a screen door handle for the front door. (CHECK!)

Not planned:
-Siding put on the house. (A day early. Later post for that story!)

-Have a fancy little date at a local winery for lunch (We didn't do this-there's a reason...I'll explain later.)
-Pick up frames to frame two puzzles for the game room (Hob Lob had frames for 50% off over the weekend, but we couldn't find any we liked.)
-New siding is being put on the house (See Friday.)

-Laundry (Check!)
-Take care of Reggie (Medicines, brush his coat and teeth) (Check!)
-Clean outside of house (windows, sidewalks, porch) (Maybe Thursday.)
-Clean out car (Maybe Thursday!)

Not on list but done Sunday: Jon painted the ceiling in the LR.

Not as productive as we were planning for but there's a good reason!

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