Thursday, August 4, 2011

Before And After

Here we are 2 and a half months after the tornado (es) and we have most of our home improvements done. THANKFULLY! I thought I'd show some before and afters, so far.



(It's hard to see, but the roof color's base was charcoal with red, green, and yellow flecking.)


(This color is called Driftwood. It's a lighter gray base with chocolate and tan flecking. I think it makes our house look less yellow and more...vanilla?)



(Ignore Reggie's ass. Though I do miss the days when we could just let him run loose before he got all brave and thought he needed to make little kids playing on the street piss themselves. Nonetheless, check out that beauty to the right side of the picture. Not only was it cantaloupe in color, it was rusted, had a huge dent on the top, and shook the entire house when it ran.)


(Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL?!)

Our new siding will be put on Saturday. Our new window and screens the week after that. Then we're done until September when we build our new shed!

Thoughts? Comments?

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