Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vacation Part Three: Charlotte

Charlotte composed Friday and Saturday of our trip.

Friday, we drove up and went to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Then, Jon wanted to tour the Hendrick museum and garages.

My handsome husband in front of his favorite driver's display

We're a divided household I'm telling you. Point me to Stewart-Haus Racing and I'll love you for life.

Saturday we got up early (tooooo early!) and drove out to the track.

Isn't the track awesome?? We walked around and looked at all the booths (which no joke, took every bit of 3 hours). Then we walked back to the car and turned on the AC for about 20 minutes (It was every bit of 92* out at this point...circa noon.). We then walked to the track-put our stuff at the seats and headed down to watch Dierks Bentley play! Such a good little concert-but the acoustics weren't all that great. But oh well. It was a free concert!

We looked around a little more around the inside of the track, then we went back to our seats and hung out, talked, etc. Then, we went and picked up some dinner and settled in for the race to start.

Enjoying the sunny NC weather! (Hellooooo, Mr. Sunburn!)

After the race we sat in traffic for two solid hours without moving. Something we aren't used to at all. Indy is known for getting people out of the track and on their way homes in an hour-flat. FLAT!

We had decided early on in the trip to stop in Asheville on the way home since we figured it would be late by the time we got there. We were thinking like midnight-late. Not 2:30 late. I digress.

We finally pull into Asheville and we find our hotel. We get the key-go up to the room. Jon turns on the light and I walk in....TO SOMEONE SLEEPING IN THE BED!!!!!! Yeah. We went back to the front desk and got a different room. Needless to say, we opened the bathroom door so it was up against the front door. And put an ottoman against the door as well. We're not taking any chances. At least we're smart enough to dead bolt the freaking hotel room door every time we stay somewhere.

So that's where our vacation ended! We had a wonderful drive home-talking, laughing, and reminiscing about vacation! We finally got home, put the house back in order, and returned the rental car.

This vacation was amazing!! It felt so great to get away for a week, relax, and just do our own thing!!

I'll work on getting a hotel/food reviews post up. I'll also take pictures of the office! We're still waiting to do a few things-well, okay, one thing. We're going to refinish the doors! I may wait to post pictures when we're totally finished, but we'll see.

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