Thursday, June 2, 2011

Carolina's Trip: Reviews


Sandcastle Ocean Front Resort at the Pavillion

The location of the hotel was WONDERFUL! Easy to find, easy to get to everything we wanted to do, and in the heart of plenty of things to do! Literally, we walked out onto the beach in 10 seconds! The parking was convenient too. There was a lot right in front of our tower. (There were 2 towers and a middle section.) It seemed to us though, that if you stayed in the middle tower, there was no parking and you would either have to park at one of the towers or across the street.

The room, itself, was small, but it wasn't BAD. The only thing we didn't like was the size of the balcony. The cheap plastic chairs that they gave us to sit outside barely fit. It would have been nice to have a bigger balcony. The thing we loved the most was the fact there was a small fridge in the room. We brought a good amount of food and drinks with us. It was nice to be able to keep those cold all the time.

The one thing that I hated about this hotel was the hot water issue. Twice in the 4 nights we stayed there, we had to call the front desk and complain because we didn't have any hot weather. It was barely warm. Neither time when this happen did they even offer an apology. Instead they told us to give us thirty minutes, then try. Which leads me to think that this happens all the time to them. I would think that a hotel should be able to accommodate people in the hotel.

Grade: C

Hampton Inn-Wilmington

The hotel room was very nice. The bed was comfortable! The bathroom was very up to date and nice! We never ventured out to the pool, so I have no comment on that.

The location of the hotel was decent. If you went about 5 miles on either way, you were in sketchy neighborhoods and sometimes it wasn't easy to get around. That wasn't the hotel's fault. It was North Carolina-period. As Jon says,"U-Turns are like the 11th Commandment in North Carolina!" He was right.

The thing we loved about this hotel was the breakfast in the morning! It was so so so so so so soooo good! They had waffles, fresh fruit (read: FRESH!), plenty of fresh squeezed OJ, and lots of bagels and donuts to choose from.

Grade: A

Hampton Inn-Charlotte

Same thing as the Hampton Inn-Wilmington essentially. Only the location wasn't as convenient. Once again-not the hotel's fault. It was just confusing to us because every road had exits. It's not like that in Indiana. You know what streets have exits? INTERSTATES. That's it.

Grade: B+

Hampton Inn-Asheville

Breakfast was okay. Of course, we just basically inhaled the food because 1) We wanted to get home. and 2) We didn't want to run into the half dressed man in the first room we were assigned to.

See the Part 3 of our vacation recap to see what I'm talking about.

Grade: D, at best.


Margaritaville-Myrtle Beach: Looooooved this!!!! It was our first night so we were very tired and wore out, but man we had a blast! We both opted for burgers and drinks. Both of our meals were very good, our service was amazing! Grade: A

Amici's-Myrtle Beach:
This restaurant is in Broadway at the Beach. We went here for lunch our first full day. The pizza was AMAZING! The breadsticks were so good! We actually used this for our lunch the next day too. Grade: A

Senor Frogs-Myrtle Beach: The food was great, but it was SO loud in there! I know that's the atmosphere they were wanting to give off, but it was a little much for us. Grade: C

Planet Hollywood-Myrtle Beach: The food was delicious! We had a coupon for a free chicken crunch appetizer that was delicious! Both of our drinks were amazing! Plus, the atmosphere and the memorabilia was just incredible! Grade: A

KISS! Coffeehouse-Myrtle Beach:
Also at Broadway at the Beach. We stopped here after our Planet Hollywood dinner for a dessert drink. Jon got a Peanut Butter Cup drink and I got the S'mores. Both were so good! Grade: A

In Wilmington we ate at Chic-fil-A and CiCi's Pizza. No real reviews needed.

Friday night in Charlotte we ate at TGI Friday's. Food was great and I got the Cotton Candy martini which was amazing! Grade: B

There you have it!! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!!

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