Sunday, May 29, 2011

Part Three: Vacation Part two: Dawson's Creek

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love Dawson's Creek! Jon was wonderful and drove me around everywhere I wanted to go and didn't even bat an eye at me shamelessly squealing like a little girl..and crying..but more on that later...

I took 85-ish pictures..I'll spare you though. The above picture is just us exploring Capeside!
Then we tried unsuccessfully to find Dawson's house. Then...well...look where this picture is:

Don't recognize it yet? Okay...

Does THIS look familiar? No? Nothing yet?

NOW...does THIS look familiar???? That's right! With my amazing husband's help-Dawson's house was found! The gentlemen that lives there was SO nice! He told us we could take pictures, so we explored for about twenty minutes. This picture of the house I actually took on our way back to the car. But I can honestly tell you that when we first walked to the front of the house and the creek, I cried just out of sheer...I don't know...shock and awe. I was shaking and I just kept saying,"Oh my God. This is really it!"

After we found a few more houses (i.e. Jen's, Andie and Jack's, and Chris Wolfe's), we did some more exploring, then headed to the hotel for the night. Where I found this...

Capeside High School-Home of the Minutemen! (Er...Wildcats on the first episode...hahaha)

Needless to say....this day was hands down my favorite of the week. It was incredible and amazing!

Only one more part left...Charlotte!!

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