Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Cleaning Updated List


-Wipe down washer and dryer.
-Thoroughly clean shower.
-Re caulk shower.
-Go through make up bag/medicine cabinet/etc and discard old and expired items.
-Thoroughly clean toilet and sink.
-Wipe down medicine cabinet.
-Sweep and mop floors.
-Organize closet.
-Wash shower curtain and rug.
-Wipe down walls and baseboards.


-Wipe down cabinets.
-Disinfect sink and microwave.
-Clean stove and oven.
-Go through and reorganize cabinets and wipe down inside drawers.
-Reorganize pantry.
-Clean ceiling fan.
-Wipe down walls and baseboards.
-Clean out fridge and freezer.
-Wash curtains and clean blinds.
-Wash windows.

Living Room/Hallway

-Wipe down blinds.
-Wipe down walls and baseboards.
-Replace heavy winter coats and winter shoes with spring/summer clothes.
-Dust ceiling fan.
-Change furnace filter.
-Wash windows.


-Have comforters cleaned.
-Dust ceiling fans.
-Wipe down walls and baseboards.
-Clean out dressers and closets.
-Wipe down blinds.


-Dust ceiling fan
-Wipe down walls and baseboards
-Go through papers and shred what’s not needed.


-Replace gravel
-Wash outside windows
-Plant flower beds
-Replace trusses
-Clean outdoor furniture
-Replace outdoor lights.

Getting there!!

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